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Thread: After Manikuttan and Surya, Ramzan made an achievement

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    After Manikuttan and Surya, Ramzan made an achievement

    Even before Bigg Boss, Ramzan was the favorite star of the Malayalee audience. Ramzan was marked by dance reality shows. The actor also acted in movies. After shining as a dancer, Ramzan Bigg Boss is participating in Malayalam Season 3. Ramzan was one of the contestants that received the best audience support from the beginning. Ramzan was a time of great performance in all the tasks and games provided by Bigg Boss.

    Bigg Boss Dance of Manikuttan and Surya has received over five million views on YouTube. After this, Ramzan also came to share the joy of his achievement. The Bigg Boss star made the announcement on Instagram.

    The video, which was posted on July 4 last year, has so far received over 55 lakh views.

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    I used to love watching Ramzan in that dance competition show. I expect a lot of votes for him.
    At one time I thought the competition for 1st place would be between him and Manikuttan.

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